Spit And Flower.


Question: What word goes in front of spit and flower?                                                   Answer: Cuckoo.

Flower silloueete  Below are a couple of photo’s of cuckoo spit and a cuckoo flower.

Cuckoo Spit
Of course cuckoo spit isn’t actually spit from a cuckoo. It’s a frothy substance created by froghoppers, their nymphs live in the protective frothy mass of bubbles. An adult froghopper is an expert jumper and is able to jump 70cm into the air – a greater height than the flea and similar to a human jumping over a tower block!


Cuckoo Spit.


Cuckoo Flower
The cuckoo flower, also known as Lady’s smock, flowers in May & June about the time cuckoo’s return to the UK. At least at Woodwalton Fen this seems pretty accurate.

Cuckoo Flower.


Your next question may be “what is a froghopper”? Well, a froghopper is a small invertebrate. There are various species of froghopper in the UK. The easiest one to spot is the red and black variety(Cercopis vulnerata) shown below.



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