Went To A Coronation.

Capture Had an afternoon out at Upwood meadows in Cambridgeshire. The meadows are one of sixty meadows across the country that have been designated as a ‘Coronation Meadow’.

Upwood Meadows

This is a project led by the Prince Of Wales that will take seed and green hay to recreate new meadows. Meadow habitats have decreased by 97% in the UK since the 1930’s so this is an important project.

Upwood Meadows Buttercups_1

Upwood meadows are awash with wild flowers during the spring and summer. There are also three ponds but one has dried out completely and the water levels on the other two are extremely low – just shows how little rain we get in Cambridgeshire.

Upwood Meadows Buttercups_3

After a walk around meadows taking a few photographs me and my wife settled under the shade of a tree for a doze.

Some Of The Wildlife At Upwood Meadows

Common Blue Buttefly.

Common Blue butterfly


Specked Brown Butterfly.

Speckled Brown Butterfly


Cardinal Bettle

Cardinal Beetle

If you want to visit the meadows yourself click on the link below for more information:-                                                                                                                                 Upwood meadows



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