Reptile Refuge.

Snake SillhouetteReptiles like young grass snakes and small lizards need to find safe hiding places if they want to avoid being eaten by predators. But where would they hide?

This small grass snake has found a hiding place in the bark of a tree trunk
Good Hiding Place.


This lizard hasn’t found the safest of places to hide – it’s tail can still be seen!
Not The Best Hiding Place.

Lizards have a trick though. They can delibarately lose their tail to avoid getting caught by a predator. Amazingly the tail will grow back again.

The Lizard below has lost it’s tail.

A lost tail will start to grow back.
New Tail.

Fence posts make great hiding places, good for basking in the sun and the cracks in the wood make quick hiding places.
I Can See You.

All the above images taken at Woodwalton Fen nature reserve.


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