Wood Is Good.

Lizard Sillhouette Some wildlife species are drawn to wooden fence posts and gates. But why? It’s all to do with the sun and heat. During the day the sun heats up the wood which retains the heat in the late afternoon and early evening. Not only that but fence posts and gates offer an elevated position to bask in the last rays of the sun. The best time to see wildlife on fence posts or gates is late afternoon. The best locations are ones that are still getting the sun later on in the day and protected from any chilly breezes. I have found such a place at my local nature reserve and there can be a really varied amount of wildlife to be seen.

Wooden Posts

Of course, tree trunks are made of wood and can attract wildlife too.

Basking In The Sun.
This grass snake is sunbathing vertically on a tree trunk

Common Lizard - closeup.
This common lizard has found a sunny spot.

All the above photo’s were taken at Woodwalton Fen.

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