A Rave Review For Raveley Wood.

Roe DeerI visited the Raveley Wood nature reserve recently. It’s only a small piece of woodland about 5.3 hectares in size. It’s a nature reserve that I drive past many times but don’t often stop to visit. It’s a bit out of the way and easily overlooked and there’s only parking for one maybe two cars.
It’s a very quiet and atmospheric wood with remants of an old moat and a wood bank dating back to medieval times. This small wood is a remnant of ancient woodland that covered this area in saxon times. Standing amoungst the trees you can imagine what it must have been like when most of country was covered by woodland like this.

Costa Rica
Inside the wood.

As you can see from the Google satellite view this wood is an oasis for wildlife as it is surrounded by farmland, also from the satellite view you can see a small clearing in the wood, this is a good place to see insects, butterflies and lizards.

Raveley sat view
Satellite view showing the wood surrounded by farmland.

Costa Rica
A clearing in the wood allows sunlight in.

Visiting the reserve in early Autumn I wasn’t expecting to see much but there was a suprising amount of wildlife around.

There were two Roe deer in the wood, I managed to get a couple of photo’s
Costa Rica
A young Roe deer.

Costa Rica
Another Roe deer wandering around the wood.

The small clearing in the wood allowed sunlight in which wildlife took advantage of.

Costa Rica
A lizard has found a sunny spot in the clearing.     

Costa Rica
Lords And Ladys plant – the berries are posionous.


Costa RicaThere were lots of spiders to be found in the clearing.

A few blackberries are still around.

Costa Rica
Fly on a blackberry.

I’ll definitely be visiting this reserve more often.

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