Glorious Sunsets.

Sun Silhoueete On the west side of my local nature reserve there is a small bank. It’s a great place to observe wildlife particulary Barn Owls, Chinese Water Deer and in the winter Short Eared Owls. Being located on the west side of the reserve it’s also a great place to see the sun set.

Costa Rica
A panorama photograph taken from the west of  side Woodwalton Fen

The sun sets at a different location throughout the year. If you want to find out where the sun is going to set you can use a sun compass, there’s probably an app that does the same thing but I prefer the handheld compass  – I’m probably a bit old fashioned.

Sunset Compass
Line up the North arrow to find where the sun will set at your current position

Sun Compass Rear
The rear of the compass can give an idication of the height of the sun in the sky

The compass can be useful if you want to get a photograph of a sunset where the sun is setting in a specific point in the sky, although if you look at the compass you may have to wait a few months depending on the time of year.

Costa Rica

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2 Responses to Glorious Sunsets.

  1. This is really interesting. I watch as the sun sets in different places throughout the year. I have an idea of a photo I want to take, this would help a lot. Alex


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