Autumn Colours.

Falling Leaves Autumn can be a cold damp season but on sunny days there can be a burst of colour when the sun highlights the golden colour of the autumn leaves.

Costa Rica
Autumn at Woodwalton Fen

Autumn is a great time to get out and about with your camera. You don’t always have to photograph landscapes, leafs can make great photographs at this time of year as well.Costa Rica
An autumn fern can make a great photographic subject

Costa Rica
It’s a colourful time of year!

The setting sun will add a golden glow to any photograph, especially landscapes. The sun sets early this time of year so check the time of sunset in your area. Get in position about an hour before the sun goes down and watch the changing light as the sun disappears.

Costa Rica
Woodwalton Fen at sunset

At this time of year there can be some amazing sunsets. Don’t leave until the sun has fully set. The photo below was taken after sunset but the sun is still lighting up clouds with a red glow.

Costa Rica
Sunset at Woodwalton Fen on a cold Autumn evening

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