Bit Of Luck With A Bittern.

Bittern SilhouetteFrom the sightings board at the entrance to my local nature reserve I’ve noticed a Bittern had regularly been seen from one of the hides.

Sightings Board Thatched PLus Arrow
The sightings board at the entrance to Woodwalton Fen

I’ve visited the reserve a few times recently hoping to get a glimpse of this elusive bird.
So far I haven’t had any luck but I headed for the Gordons Mere hide anyway hoping today my luck would change. I arrived at the hide just as two people were leaving. I asked if they had seen anything – despondantly they said they’d been in the hide for a couple of hours and hadn’t seen a thing. I settled down in the hide got my camera ready and waited. Three minutes later a Bittern appeared! At last I got to see the Bittern.

Costa Rica
Bitterns are well camouflaged for a life in the reeds

Bitterns spend most of their time hiding in the reeds, as you can see from the photograph above they are well camouflaged. This Bittern emerged from the reeds very close to the hide so I managed to get some great photo’s and video footage. Things got even better when the Bittern left the safety of the reeds and flew to the other side of the mere.

Costa Rica
A Bittern flying just above the water

The Bittern flew low over the water and landed in the reeds.

Costa Rica
A Bittern lands in the reeds

I was lucky, I’d only been in the hide about 10 minutes and had a close encounter with a Bittern and seen it in full flight. I waited another hour but the Bittern had disappeared in to the reeds.

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