Deer, Deer.

CWD sil Over the space of a couple of days I had a close encounter with two species of deer.
My first was with a male Muntjac deer in woods near my home. I was standing quietly amoungst the trees when a Muntjac walked up to within a few metres of me. When it realised I was there it stared at me for a couple of seconds and then trotted off.

Muntjac 2
Up close and personal with a Muntjac

My second close encounter with deer was at the Woodwalton Fen nature reserve. It was late afternoon, I’d gone to the reserve to see if there were any Barn Owls out hunting. I didn’t get to see any Barn Owls but I did get close to Chinese Water Deer.

A young male Chinese Water Deer at Woodwalton Fen

This water deer hasn’t seen me and is quite happy feeding

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