The ‘Upside Down Bird’.

Tree silhouette I’ve always wanted to see a Nuthatch closeup and maybe get a decent photograph. I was lucky on both counts recently when I visited a small local woodland. Not only were there other woodland birds around but also a friendly Nuthatch. I sat quietly while the Nuthatch flitted around fallen branches looking for food.

Nuthatch on moss
A Nuthatch on the hunt for food

It was a cold but sunny day and the sunlight was reaching the woodland floor and some of the trees.

Nuthatch On Tree
This Nuthatch has been highlighted by sunlight

Nuthatches have this abilty to cling to tree trunks face down. They almost seem to be able to defy gravity, it’s because of this they are also know as the ‘upside down bird’.

Nuthatches are hoarders, they store food items one at a time. Seeds and nuts are hidden in grooves of trees and also between the roots of trees. Nuthatches also store food in rotten wood which they cover with moss.

Nuthatch On Tree 2
The ‘upside down bird’ lives up to it’s name

While I was watching the Nuthatch a Cole Tit  perched on a small branch right in front of me. I manged to get a quick photograph before it flew away.

Coal Tit
A Coal Tit comes down to say hello

I was lucky I got so close to a Nuthatch. I’ve been back to the Woodland since and this colourful little bird is still there – maybe I’ll see some chicks later in the year!

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