The Beast From The East.

SnowflakeAt the beginning of March you would expect the weather to be warming up and your thoughts turning to Spring sunshine. This year was slightly different, icy winds and snow blew in from Siberia. This ‘cold snap’ brought with it chaos –  roads closed, schools shut and trains cancelled. This cold Siberian weather was nicknamed ‘The Beast From The East’. The winds lowered the temperature, due to the windchill, down to -10. You have to feel sorry for wildlife when this type of weather hits.

Muntjac In Snow
A Muntjac deer out in the snow

Hare PanoHares try to keep themselves warm as the temperature drops to -10

Hare 6
A Hare has found something to eat

Small birds must endure the cold temperature as well. I visited a small wood when the worse of the weather was over. There were a lot of woodland birds flying around so they seemed to have survived quite well!

Great Tit In Snow 2
A Great Tit on a snowy branch

Coal Tit Snow 3
Coal Tit out in the snow

With temperatures as low as they have been local rivers and drains have frozen over which can be a problem for water birds.

Moorhen Eating
A Moorhen is on land as the local river is frozen over

Kingfisher 3
This Kingfisher has found part of the river that is not frozen

The temperatures are returning to what you’d expect this time of year, hopefully that’s the last of the cold weather for this winter.

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