Signs Of Spring.

Sun Silhoueete The day’s are starting to get longer and the sun is getting warmer, things are starting to stir at the Woodwalton Fen nature reserve.
Plants and blossom are starting to appear.

Bee On Blossom
Blossom and bee’s are startimg to appear

Spring can be a noisy season with birds singing, Bitterns booming and toads croaking.
The toads at Woodwalton Fen are quite vocal at the moment, wherever you go you can hear the croaking as they gather to mate.

Floating Toad
A common toad at Woodwalton Fen

Some early butterflies have taken to the air.

Butterfly duo
Tortoise Shell and Brimstone butterflies are the first to appear

If can be quite warm if you can find a sheltered spot that’s in the sun but away from the cool breeze – like these two geese have found.

Greylag dozing in the sun duo
Greylag and Canada geese having a doze in the Spring sunshine

Even some mammals like this grey squirrel below enjoy the warmth of the Spring sun.

Squirrel Sunbathing
Sunbathing, Squirrel style

Snakes and lizards that need the sun to warm their bodies are coming out of hibernation.

Lizard 5
The warm weather has brought this lizard out of hibernation

Grass snakes have been seen basking in the sun. I’ve seen a few but they quickly retreat to the safety of long grass – too quick for me to get a photograph!

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