Lady’s In Bloom.

Bluebell SilhouetteIt’s Bluebell season!

Costa Rica
Bluebells in full bloom

There are three small woodlands near where I live that are great for Bluebells in the spring. All three are maintained by the local Wildlife Trust. The best known locally, and the most popular for visitors, is Lady’s Wood near the village of Upwood.

Costa Rica
Lady’s Wood

People travel from miles around to see the Bluebells at Lady’s wood. This can cause a problem to local farmers if the car park is full and people park their cars on a farm track outside the official car park.

Costa Rica

The local wildlife trust encourage people to park in the local village rather than block local tracks used by farmers.

Even though I visit the local woods to see the Bluebells every year I still find it an amazing sight to see a carpet of blue.

Costa Rica
A carpet of blue

This year there had been a lot of rain which made the paths very muddy. But the rain droplets make great subjects for photography.

Costa Rica
A raindrop on a Bluebell

If you look carefully you can always see the rarer white Bluebell at Lady’s’ Wood.

Costa Rica
The rarer white Bluebells

About one in 10,000 Bluebells are white.

Costa Rica
A closeup of a white Bluebell

If you need some refreshment after looking at the Bluebells there is a pub in Upwood.

Costa Rica
The Cross Keys pub In Upwood

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