A Staggering Find.

Beetle Silhouette On a recent late afternoon walk around the Woodwalton Fen nature reserve I noticed a huge black beetle on the top of a fence post. It was at the right height to get some photos of this impressive beetle.

Costa Rica
A huge black beetle

I’d never seen this type of beetle before but a quick search on Google revealed this was a  Lesser Stag Beetle – a smaller cousin of the larger Stag Beetle.

Costa Rica
An impressive  Lesser Stag Beetle

They can often be seeing flying around on warm evenings from May to October.

Costa Rica
Resting On A Fence post

Lesser Stag beetles are nocturnal, and are attracted to lights at night. In the daytime they can be found sheltering amongst rotten wood and leaf litter.
Unlike Stag Beetles which only live  a few weeks, Lesser Stag Beetles live for at least a year. They spend the winter under bark, or deep inside rotting wood.

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