Trio Of Orchids.

Orchid Sillouette  There is a nature reserve in Cambridgeshire called Woodwalton Marsh. Basically it’s a small field next to the east coast mainline and is maintained by the local Wildlife Trust. Most people visit to to look for Grizzled Skipper butterflies but there is more to this field than meets the eye. Amoungst the wild grass and flowers my favourite wildlflower can be found – the Bee Orchid. These orchids can be seen every year although this year there didn’t seem to as many as usual. While I was looking for a Bee Orchid I discovered a Pyramidal Orchid and a Common Spotted Orchid all within a few metres of each other -amazing what you can find when you start looking!

Bee Orchid.

Bee Orchid.

Pyramidal Orchid.

Pyramidal Orchid.

Common Spotted Orchid.

Common Spotted Orchid.

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