A Day At Warnham Nature Reserve.

Seagull silhoueeteI visited my dad for the weekend, he likes to get out and about and do a bit of wildlife watching so we decided to visit the Warnham nature reserve which is located near Horsham in Sussex. It was a sunny but cold day, ideal for getting a bit of fresh air.

Costa Rica
Welcome to the Warnham local nature reserve

We started the day by having a cup of coffee and talking to the friendly volunteers who work in the cafe and on the reserve.

Costa Rica
Entrance to the reserve is through the visitor centre

The reserve is centred around a large lake which is a great habitat for various birds including Grey Herons, Little Egrets, Kingfishers and other water loving birds.

Costa Rica
The lake at Warnham – the weather was cold and sunny

There are several hides dotted around the reserve which are great places to see the wildlife.

Costa Rica
One of the hides on the water’s edge

There were a lot Seagulls on the lake, we also saw a Grey Heron, Commorants, Tufted ducks and the usual Mallard ducks.

Costa Rica
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker & Grey Heron

Costa Rica
Well placed hides get you close to the wildlife

Costa Rica
There were a lot of Seagulls on the lake

The reserve has come up with a good idea to keep the grass down in one of their meadows – sheep!  A small flock of hardy sheep are shared around with other local locations to act as grass cutters.

Costa Rica
Hebridean sheep keep the grass well trimmed

After an enjoyable few hours  we headed back to the visitor centre to warm ourselves up with another cup of coffee before heading home.

For more information about the Warnham nature reserve, click on the link below:-


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